My career in photography began, not coincidentally, at the same time that I discovered skiing, not simply as an activity, but as a lifestyle. I've managed to maintain that lifestyle throughout my career over the past 25 years, shooting images for various resorts, tourism boards, outdoor clothing and gear manufacturers, and numerous publications along the way.

Fifteen years ago, I moved to the small mountain hamlet of Fernie in the heart of the British Columbia Rockies. This is where most of my work now happens, with some travel to far off places sprinkled in to keep things interesting. While I've always specialized in outdoor sports and lifestyle, I'm fascinated by architecture which I am beginning to shoot more and more of for various clients in British Columbia and Alberta. I've also recently discovered that I'm somewhat of a closet foodie and have leapt into food photography for my resort clients with gusto.

As an artist, I have always found it difficult to define my style. I guess it could be said that if I have a style, it's that I prefer to make the most of natural light, supplimenting with just a hint of strobe, to bring out the essence of my subject matter in a way that invokes a strong memory or desire in the viewer. My work is available to license primarily through two agencies of which I have a high regard, and There are links to both agencies on the contact page.